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Welcome to -- our job is to put joy into your woodworking hobby by providing shop tested woodworking project plans.  Build a simple wooden toy, a bed, a decoration for your lawn or a nice Adirondack chair, a Queen Anne desk. . .no matter the project, we have a plan!
Many online woodworking plan sites are re-sellers who provide you no support -- not us -- we are here for you at 1-800-296-6256 and when you buy from us you are dealing with US directly.  Just click on a category to your left to start looking.  Order online, by mail or fax, or just call us to talk 8-2, EST..

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Woodworking plans and patterns -- why use one?  A woodworking plan is going to save you time, money, and frustration.  Whether you're an expert woodworker or a beginner, a good woodworking plan will help you to build successfully and have more fun.  Build
indoor furniture like gun cabinets, outdoor furniture like adirondack lawn chairs and picnic tables, toys and rocking horses for the kids, Christmas decorations like Nativity scenes, yard shadow silhouettes, windmills, and more.

With every woodworking plan you order from, you'll get::
  • Full size patterns for all curved or irregular pieces to be cut.
  • A list of the materials you'll need to build the project.
  • Exploded diagrams which will aid in your comprehension.
  • Measured drawings which further your understanding.
  • Toll Free customer support at 1-800-296-6256, Mon-Fri.
Full size patterns are essential to any woodworking plan worth its salt.  Who wants to draw grids, go to a copy store, or have to measure out a curved skirt or stretcher for a piece of furniture, or worse, try to build curvy reindeer from a sub-standard woodworking plan with no full size patterns?  ALL plans from come with full size patterns to make your building experience the ultimate.

Materials lists are also very important.  Our woodworking plans will tell you exactly how much lumber of each type/size you need.  Board footage is not calculated for our plans, but you will receive the materials list necessary to help you prepare and purchase your lumber for each project.

Exploded diagrams and measured drawings greatly aid in your comprehension of the project at hand.  Each piece will be labelled and correspond to either (or both) an exploded diagram or measured drawing, so you can see exactly where and how each piece is used within the project.

Toll Free customer support.  Remember, you can call us during the week for specific and personal help with any woodworking plan we carry -- it may sound like a given, but not all woodworking plans suppliers make themself readily available for this type of support.  Whichever project plan or blueprint you choose, keep in mind that we are here to help you and will do our best to make sure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Woodworking plans are unbeaten when it comes to making your woodworking project easier, less expensive, and most importantly. . .more enjoyable.  Even the pros use a woodworking plan from time to time!  Sure, you could build a roll top desk from scratch, and you still will be when you use a plan -- but you'll save yourself countless headaches and troubles when you build from a blueprint in which a professional woodworker has worked out all of the problems.

Whenever you're woodworking with power tools. . .whether you're using a woodworking plan, or not. . .we urge you to read all of your tools safety manuals, wear safety goggles, and take your time.  The woodworker's favorite tool is the table saw.  It's a great device, but it can be dangerous.  Woodworking plans will save you time and money, but they will not make you safe.  That is up to you, so please be careful when you're enjoying this greatest of hobbies.

We hope you enjoy browsing the hundreds of hard-to-find woodworking plans we offer.  If there is a project plan you've been seeking, but cannot find anywhere, please Contact Us with your request.  If we do not carry it, we may be able to help you find it.  Thanks for visiting!

Regards in Woodworking,
The Woodcraft Team

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